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We're all in a fantasy baseball league, so we like to keep an eye on the MLB. So you guys are still doing client service work? Why are you not going "all in" with beaver builder? Hey Ryan! Yes, we're still doing client services work and the "all in" question is something we discuss often.

However, we're slowly moving in that direction as Beaver Builder picks up more and more steam. After building stuff for other people for the last 10 years, it has been really nice to focus on what I want to build, how I want to build it. Hey guys What do you think needs to happens before page builders become mainstream in WordPress? Competitors like Squarespace have adopted this practice long ago, while WordPress still feels like lagging in this respect.

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Hmm, interesting question. For one, I think Page Builder are starting to pick up a lot of steam amongst WordPress users and developers.

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In regards to them becoming mainstream, I think they're definitely heading in that direction. One holdup that we've noticed is a lot of developers tend to scoff at the idea of page builders.

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I know we did before we started working on Beaver Builder. We're doing the best we can to rid that stigma, but it takes time. As far as what needs to happen, I think if WordPress. If anyone from Automattic would like to chat with us about that, we'll be here all day! But they still have to set up hosting, set up an email account, install WordPress, install a plugin, install a theme, learn the WordPress interface, etc, which means they have to do a whole lot more work than they do with Squarespace.

Do you reckon you guys would ever launch your own hosted solution? I mean why wait for Automattic. Ryan, yes!

Build Your Email Lists With Beaver Builder's New Subscribe Form Module | Beaver Builder

Page builders are a great way for folks who aren't "web pros" to get a website up and running. I glossed over that a bit in my answer because I think it's the developers and "web pro" types that we still need to convince. Haha, good question on the hosted solution.

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Yes, it's something we've discussed at length. One hold up for us is that we're not server gurus. Yeah, we know our way around a linux box and the command line quite well, but the thought of building, scaling, and securing a hosted system is daunting.

It's just not what we're good at. We have been exploring the idea of a partnership instead tackling the project on our own, though! Partnership options make so much more sense from a market access point of view as well. Hosts have access to huge numbers of WordPress DIYers that could really benefit from a solid hosted WP solution that includes a good Page Builder with responsive support.

There is in my opinion a clear market for WP hosted solutions such as Evermore which sit in the gap between WordPress. Agreed, Neil. We'd love to be part of that market, but I don't think we have the resources to do it all ourselves. Hey, i bought the standard version of BB a few days back, so haven't checked all the those premium cool feature but i have used the lite version and loved. Hey Amin! Thanks for touching base and welcome to the BB family! We typically roll things out in beta for two weeks.

In those two weeks, users can download the beta version, test, etc. This period of time allows us to tackle any bugs that may arise even though we do our own rigorous testing beforehand.

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After those two weeks of beta, we finalize the release and off it goes into production as an available plugin update! We've found we get plenty of beta downloaders but very little feedback. Indications are that most usage during the beta period is very limited.

Great question, Neil! I think it really comes down to engaging with your customers as much as you can through as many channels as you can. For example, when we have a beta ready to test, we try to get it out in front of as many BB users as possible. We push out a detailed blog post describing all of the new hotness and how to access it.

We have a BB Facebook group which we post in as well as hit Twitter and our support forums. You're probably right in that the number of downloaders compared to those who actually provide feedback is bigger, but we are finding that people love to provide us feedback and that could be due to how we allow customer feedback to somewhat shape our dev roadmap.

All in all, we're in this together to create the best product we can, and customer feedback is super important to that goal! Hi Justin, Billy and Robin! Thanks so much for creating Beaver Builder - I am just learning it now to assist a client create a new website in WordPress - and I think it is a fabulous page builder! I sure hope so - it is a monster site: pages, and I will have to export pages of content! Thanks so much, Sheila. Hi Sheila! Good to hear from you. That's a lot of content. Unfortunately, I don't think there are any tools that can automate that process. If I were you, I would look into outsourcing the content migration using UpWork or a similar service.

It really all depends on what the content is. I did a Google search for "dotnetnuke to wordpress migration" that brought up a lot of results, so that might be a good place to start. A page builder can always be used for the pages that it's needed on. Beaver Builder will even migrate WordPress editor content into the builder for you.

We're Justin, Billy, and Robby, founders of Beaver Builder, Ask Me (us) Anything!!

Good to hear. It's really nothing special, just taking the editor content and moving it into a module, but it's a lot nicer than starting with a blank page and having to do it yourself. Hi Robby sorry about the earlier error with your name! Justin, you are a lifesaver: the client's IT consultants told me there was no plug-in to help with DNN to WP migration, but you are right - there are definitely options! Thank you, thank you! The site is for a university, no not a lot of posts, so it sounds like DNN to WP migration will work.

Can I assume that since Beaver Builder is installed as our page builder, it will be available to us post-migration to tune up the site? Thanks so much, guys! Cheers, Sheila. That's fantastic, Sheila! That would make anyone frown! Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions about that. Also, no worries on the error with Robby's name, we all got a good kick out of that he may have a new nickname he doesn't approve of! I just started to use BB to build a pretty big site this week. I am seriously impressed with the product.

With the addition of a little css it makes putting a good looking site together so easy that I almost feel guilty telling the client that I built the site! I'm using the new menu feature and I'm loving it also. There are a few tweaks, not full features. I would like to see.

How To Add A Slider To Beaver Builder Page Builder For WordPress

Where can I submit these? Hey Tevye! Right on. Welcome to the Beaver Builder family. It actually follows this concept. They include a barebones "theme" which doesn't include anything as you can building everything with the builder. I actually prefer it's interface over elementor's. Hi Adam, I would like Elementor to be the only plugin but now I understand the need for a theme that take care of the basic. I head the same question on my mind Adam. I wanted to ask on your FB group but you just answered it in this enlightening video.

I am going to try it out now.