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Painted by N. Hansen after the painting by H. Jensen, and presented to Dorothea Rosen, Lady-in-Waiting, in Locket Box marked: G. Cylindrical watch of gold with portrait of princess Mariane, enameled. Locket marked: G. Gold box.

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Made in Copenhagen in by F. Snake brooch of enamelled gold with precious stones and pendant watch. Belonged to Countess Danner. Signed E. Made at Frederiksborg Castle on Made by Peter Hertz. Presented by Frederik VII on his deathbed on A present for Countess Danner?

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Handle of a riding whip, of coral and gold, made by the court jeweller J. Diderichsen, Serpent-brooch of enamelled gold with opals and diamonds. Gift to Countess Danner? Skater in gold and Baroque pearl, made by the court jeweller J. Diderichsen in for Frederik VII, who died, however, before he received it. Jewellery set of gold with citrines, amthysts, pearls and diamonds. Made by court jeweller J. A present from Carl XV as a memento of his visit to Denmark in Supplied by Benjamin Leja in Stockholm. Made in France? Collection of crown jewels for the use of the reigning Queen, founded by Queen Sophie Magdalene in her Will of , and subsequently added to by gifts from later queens and princesses.

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At the last Absolutist anointing in , Queen Caroline Amalie had the main part of the crown jewels re-made into four sets: Set of emeralds and brilliants with diadem, necklace, brooch and earrings. Made in by C. Costume jewellery: eleven hearts of silver with rubies. From the 17th century. Set of pearls, rubies and diamonds with necklace, brooch and earrings. The Sceptre, of gold with enamel and table-cut diamonds. The Orb, of gold with enamel and table-cut diamonds. Used at anointings during the period of Absolutism. The Ampulla of gold with enamel and table-cut diamonds.

The Anointing Rapier, of gold with enamel, table-cut and rose-cut stones. Hilt of the rapier and chape of the scabbard made by the goldsmith Lucas Schaller in Hamburg. The jewel was only used when the kings sat on the throne no. The Star of the Order of the Elephant in gold and silver embroidery with pearls and table-cut stones. The Chain of the Order of the Elephant with Insignia, of gold with enamel and table-cut stones.

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Made in Copenhagen by the goldsmith Jean Henri de Moor? The elephant possibly made by Paul Kurtz, The Chain of the Order of Dannebrog with Insignia, of gold with enamel and table-cut stones. The Chain was made after the new statutes for the Order in The letter W stands for Valdemar II Sejr, who, legend has it, received the Dannebrog from heaven during the battle of Lyndanisse in C5 signifies Christian V, who re-established the Order in The Insignia was possibly made by Paul Kurtz, Star of the Order of the Elephant, to be worn on the doublet of the Anointing Dress.

Brilliants on gold and enamel. The star of the Order of the Elephant, of brilliants and pearls on gold and enamel.

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Made c. Star of the Order of Dannebrog, of gold with brilliants and rubies.

Made after amendments to the statutes of the Order in , probably for Frederik VI. Swordbelt belonging to the Anointing Dress. Beauvais in Paris. Garters belonging to the Anointing Dress, made, like the Sword belt, in Paris in Buckles and jewels made by Frederik I Fabritius in Set of brilliants consisting of necklace with seven pendants, brooch in the form of a floral bouquet, and earrings. The largest pendant in the necklace belonged to Queen Sophie Magdalene, the six smaller ones to Queen Caroline Mathilde.

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The two drop-earrings belonged to Queen Juliane Marie. Costume brooches: 14 bouquets of rose-cut diamonds. Belonged to Princess Charlotte Amalie. Set of rose-cut diamonds with belt and brooch to divide into 4 smaller brooches, and two necklaces. Matching pointed diamond with clasp? Small crown of guilded silver with hermeline wreath and violet velvet. The crown is reminiscent of the British so-called coronets, but was made in Copenhagen by the goldsmith Hans Mundtberg as bridal crown to Princess Louise of Great Britain on the occasion of her wedding to the Danish Crown Prince Frederik 5th in December Made by Paul Kurtz in Copenhagen Gold with enamel and table-cut stones.

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Total weight g. The precious stones are presumably reused from older jewels. Since the abolition of Absolutism, the crown has only been used at the castrum doloris of the deceased Kings. Used most recently in Sketch for an engraving, painted by Michael van Haven. Crowns and coronets of royalty and the peerage, arranged in order of precedence in , during the Absolutist period. Diamond-Studded Gold Ring. Crowns and coronets. Christian V's coronation. The Queen's Crown. Christian V's Crown. Hair ornament. Jewelry, diamonds. Costume brooches. Jewelry, brilliants.

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Order of Dannebrog, star. The castle Castle history Collection history Interiors and objects The crown jewels Symbols of power. Cookies on kongernessamling.

By using this website you automatically accept. OK Info. His suspects were under lock and key, but he needed their help in recovering the loot. But he dared not ask the judge to ease their incarceration. Kuhn was spirited from his jail cell for negotiations with Nadjari and three New York plainclothes detectives.

Kuhn said he could recover all the gems—if only he could go to Miami alone.