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Front Cover. Patricia Kilson. Publication Consultants, May 1. Carina An Alaskan Family S. Book Pages: Book Size: 6X9. Back to Top. A great resource for part-time sailors including outfitting; storing your boat; maintenance;..

Sailing adventures are what every diehard sailor craves. After a year of rebuilding the boat, sailing out of Turkey, we have traveled Carina - Sailing around the world alone with Carina 19 ft boat He built her and named her after a river in Alaska. Fairwinds Goes South - Adventures in a small boat on a big sea. Kindly say, the blast is universally compatible with any devices to read. If this is what you are after then try one of our Alaska cruises. Bring the whole family for a magical Christmas at sea or take a offer Club HAL for toddlers aged three to seven which include ice cream A Middle East cruise itinerary offers a holiday with history, luxury and adventure.

Carina Frazer. Some of those mushers are well-funded by sponsors and are willing to pour many of their personal resources into their addiction.

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Their numbers are diminishing however. In most of the years prior to , there were between 90 to teams participating in the Quest and the Iditarod combined.

So far, only 70 teams have signed up for the races. That is the lowest combined total since the 80s. Entries for the Quest ended Friday night at midnight. There are 17 people signed up, the lowest number in race history. Iditarod entries close Monday, and as of Saturday there were 53 teams entered. Last year, 52 teams left the start line. Some have suggested the low numbers are due to pressure from anti-mushing groups.

I disagree. Economics rules the world and nothing is more basic than feeding a dog yard. If there are 50 dogs in a yard. That does not include any race expenses. Make those numbers pencil out. Another factor that may come into play, though it is tough to quantify, is the shrinking number of people willing to shoulder the commitment of owning a bunch of sled dogs. Sled dogs are a lifestyle requiring full-time participation. There are not that many homes for unwanted sled dogs.

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Dogs are bought and sold, but we are speaking of fairly small numbers, and most dog swaps are usually among serious racers. The next time a dog team flashes by the window of your car or you see them run on TV, consider the sacrifice mushers make to provide us with that entertainment. And it is not just entertainment.

It is the preservation of an era we cannot afford to lose in this day of fast food and the artificial plastic world of electronics. John Schandelmeier is a lifelong Alaskan who lives near Paxson with his family. He is a Bristol Bay commercial fisherman and a two-time winner of the Yukon Quest.

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The proposed legislation would expand the current definition of tobacco products in city code to include vaping products such as vape pens and e-cigarettes, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported. The tax currently includes cigarettes, cigars, cheroots, stogies, perique, snuff or snuff flour, smoking or chewing tobacco, officials said. Councilman Aaron Gibson proposed the ordinance and is expected to formerly introduce it to the council during the regular Monday meeting, city officials said.

He argues the products should already have been taxed under the current verbiage and that "this is just a clarification," Gibson said. Vaping products heat a liquid containing nicotine, flavoring and other chemicals into a vapor, which is then inhaled by the user, officials said. Gibson's proposal would add e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes and other similar products to that list, city officials said.

The ordinance was drafted to help raise city revenue, Gibson said. The city's tobacco excise tax is one of the few taxes without a tax cap and does not require a public vote for the city to adjust it, he said.

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Ice Fog Vapors owner Alex McDonald said a tax would force him to compete more with online businesses that do not have the same regulatory oversight as brick and mortar businesses. You think they'd go after Nicorette if they're going after vaping products ," McDonald said, adding that these products were "an alternative to smoking. That's what we are and what they are. It doesn't make sense that one is taxed, and one is not.

On Friday, the tusk did indeed wield a historic force, just not in the way the queens and kings who once collected the twisted and tapered ivory likely imagined. Instead, as the deadly knife attack unfolded on the London Bridge , a man, described in news reports as a Polish chef, grabbed the nearest arms he could find for self-defense - a narwhal tusk - and headed to help stop the melee. The attack began by Fishmongers' Hall, a historic building and events space on the London Bridge replete with famed fishing artifacts, two massive narwhal tusks included.

The assailant, year-old Usman Khan, had been at the hall attending a conference when he wielded a knife and fatally stabbed two people before police shot him dead. Amid the shock and horror, it struck many as quintessentially British the way the beloved "unicorn horn" suddenly surfaced to help ward off the attacker, said British historian and journalist Guy Walters.

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But we do have narwhal tusks around. When they found these tusks they assumed that they were unicorns.

They became these incredibly sought-after items. Really well. The tusk is in fact just a tooth but a rarity among whales for how long up to 10 feet and spirally straight it can grow. It's also incredibly strong and can cut through inches of wood, Walters said. The tusks primarily appear on males, who can sometimes even have two. Scientists have found that the tusk-of-a-tooth has up to 10 million nerve endings and sensory capabilities, as well as possible courtship uses. Still, there's much that remains mysterious about the blubbery whale and the majestic tooth projecting from it.

As Katherine Rundell reported in the London Review of Books, "Named rather ungallantly for the Old Norse word nar, meaning 'corpse', and hvalr, 'whale', after their mottled grey markings, narwhals are unicorn-like not just in their appendages, but in their elusiveness; they are one of the mammals about which we know least. They spend the winter months dodging dense pack ice, where humans cannot follow, and can swim a mile deep, twisting upside-down as they descend into pitch-black water.

Today, the whales are also under threat, as climate change causes the ice covers that they rely on for shelter and feeding to shrink.

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For centuries, Europeans sought comfort in superstitions and alchemy - the alluring unicorn and its aquatic counterpart, the narwhal whale, included. The tusks had long been part of Inuit culture.