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Include your comfy couch, air conditioning, coffee, friends, and anything else you enjoy or value. Because exercise is good for you, it shows that you love yourself when you do it regularly. Think of ways you can get some exercise and enjoy it. You might set up a regular walking date with a friend, take boxing lessons, or play golf. The key to exercising consistently is to make a habit of it by scheduling time for it and enjoying it. How can you enjoy exercising? Think about it and make it happen.

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It might be an old high school friend that takes advantage of us, an old boyfriend or girlfriend that we should stay away from, or it might even be a family member that consistently mistreats you. This might require a conversation. Get it done. How much of your time each day is spent actually doing something that you love?

After rushing around in the morning getting ready for work, driving to work, working, and then driving home, a large part of the day is gone. The key is to schedule time each day to do something you enjoy. Schedule some time today, and each day going forward, to do something you enjoy. Sit down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and plan your future.

You deserve to have the life you desire. Let your imagination run wild and create a compelling future. Put your plan down on paper.

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Most importantly, make a plan and do at least one thing each day to make it a reality. A life worth living is worth recording. Your life will also improve. Start today and spend a few minutes each night recording your day and thoughts. Some of them were even intentional. Take comfort in the fact that everyone you know has done the same. Be at least as compassionate with yourself. Forgive yourself and move on. You have a great life to live.

Just be kind. Be honest about who you are. Everyone that loves you will still be around. They always have to be stimulated by something else. Have you ever wondered why you need those things in your life? With practice, you can be great company for yourself. Instead of avoiding yourself, discover yourself. Sit with yourself for brief moments each day and see what you discover. It only makes sense that if you make your health a priority, it must mean that you love yourself. Make appointments with your doctor and dentist for checkups today.

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There are plenty of websites that list volunteer opportunities by zip code. Find something that appeals to you and share your time doing something that you believe is important. Even one hour a week can increase the amount of love and compassion you feel for yourself. Want to know what they are? Few things will do more for your health, attitude, and happiness than getting at least seven hours of sleep each night. Even if you think you only need 4—6 hours, try giving yourself a full seven for a week and note the changes in how you feel and function. Take a nap. Sleep in.

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  8. Go to bed earlier. There are times when the best thing you can do to love yourself is to go to bed. You can catch the rerun of The Notebook another time. Make a plan today to squeeze in seven hours of sleep each night for at least a week. Let the world know what you need. Avoid procrastinating on the important things. You lose self-respect and self-esteem when you willingly fail to handle your business. Then, focus on how good it felt to get that item actioned. Begin making a habit of listing the things you need to do and then doing them.

    It only stands to reason that you now know a lot. Your intuition is based on your experiences.

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    Beginning today, trust your intuition more. Start with the small things. Just do it and see what happens. When faced with a choice. Listen to the answer and do it. Again, see what happens. Volunteering was one example of this, but there are other things you might think you should be doing also. It might be starting a gym program, learning a second language, or meditating for an hour each day. Think about the characteristics you think a person should have.

    Make a long list. Now pick one and start doing it. Pick something and begin the process. Choose a target. It could be a neighbor, coworker, or random stranger. Do something nice for them. You might mow their grass, send them a card, or clear the snow off their car. Find a way to do something kind and feel great about yourself for doing it. Some months have 31 days. Treat this as a bonus. Go bowling with a few friends. Anyone up for paintball? Get out there.


    You should be proud of yourself. You can set your own criteria. Low self-esteem is unfortunately a self-fulling prophecy. The worse you feel about who you are and what you do, the less motivation you'll have to do what it takes to build your self-esteem. From there it's easy to spiral down into a cycle of negative and circular thinking, keeping you mired in damaging--and erroneous--beliefs. It's a process, and it won't happen overnight, but there are things you can do to get it started and keep it moving.

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    Here are 20 powerful ways to improve your self-esteem quickly in order to start feeling more confident. When you become skilled in something that corresponds with your talents and interests, you increase your sense of competency. Think about all the things you've accomplished, then write them down. Make a list of everything you've done that you feel proud of, everything you've done well.

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    Review your list when you need a reminder of your ability to get things done and to do them well. Creative tasks are a great way to put the flow back into your life. Creativity stimulates the brain, so the more you use it, the greater the benefits. Pull out your old guitar, write a story or poem, take a dance class or sign up for a community theater production.

    When you add the challenge of trying something new, it helps you even more. Determine what your values are and examine your life to see where you're not living in alignment with what you believe. Then make any necessary changes. The more you know what you stand for, the more confident you will be.

    When you catch yourself thinking negatively about yourself, stop and challenge yourself.

    Winch says we should combat this with self-compassion. When you feel your inner self starting to criticize, ask yourself whether you'd say these things to a close friend. Probably not, right?